A 3D printer for food? what?



The chefbot doesn’t require you to be an expert in software.

Multiple ingredients

The chefbot accepts many types of ingredients that you yourself can prepare. They just need to be doughy, which includes a great variety of savory and sweet ingredients, cooked or raw.


The chefbot has a printing volume that can be applied toa great variety and sizes of dishes, cakes and confectioneries.

Wietech quality

The chefbot has technology and support with the same quality of the great industrial printers from Wietch.

And then, just taste

Connect, print and serve

The 3D food printers are suited for professional, industrial and personal use.Only doughy ingredients can be printed, but a great variety of foods – from pizzas to cakes – can be created. Since 3D printed food can be personalized according to the special needs of users, it can be useful in many fields, such as medical and aerospace areas.

What can I make with the Chefbot?

Be creative

With a 3D food printer, using your imagination is limitless; gastronomical visual explodes through possibilities.

Be productive

With a food 3D printer, you can personalize foods with high productivity, using drawing softwares that allow the fast creation of new designs, besides repetitive applications or variations of a specific theme.

Be innovative

3D food printing is a brand new and little used technology, what will project you in an innovative market.

Be different

With a 3D food printer you’ll have a tool that will allow you create a very personal style, which will add a new technology to conventional manual work.

Be unique

With a 3D food printer you can work with chocolate creating personalized sweets or create 3D structures that were unthinkable without this technology.

Be updated

With a 3D food printer, a brand new and revolutionary world is entered, what will place you ahead of your time,just like when computers or cellphones were first used.

Great chefs and gastronomists



Sobre a Wietech

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